About me

At a sling library session in 2012

Sarah and her daughter at a sling library in 2012.

I’m Sarah, a trained carrying consultant (Trageschule UK and Slingababy) and mum of two.

Before my son was born I already knew I wanted to be able to carry my baby in slings and since his birth and more-so since my daughters birth I have researched and tried many types of carrier available in the UK today.
I have loved all that “babywearing” – the commonly used term for carrying a child using slings, has offered me. From the convenience of having my hands free whilst caring for a newborn and simultaneously chasing after a lively pre-schooler, to the amazing bonding, nurturing experience which comes from keeping baby close.

Having discovered so much joy through carrying my children in slings and also the difficulties in knowing who to ask and where to find out reliable, impartial information on the  many different types of sling available, I found myself wishing to help others in starting and continuing their journey through babywearing and I hope they will gain the same sense of well-being and joy which I have experienced on so many occasions.

In 2011 I founded the North Warwickshire Sling Library and launched the Nuneaton Sling Meet. Since then many parents in Nuneaton and surrounding areas have visited the monthly sessions and discovered for themselves the many benefits of babywearing.

In March 2012 I took my first steps as a Babywearing Consultant after completing my Foundation training at Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire through Trageschule UK. Then in September 2012 I underwent the Trageschule UK Advanced training course in Leigh, Gtr. Manchester, making me one of just a handful of Advanced trained consultants in the UK at that time. More recently in January 2016, I have undergone training with the Slingababy School in order to keep my knowledge and skills up to date. Since our family relocation in September 2016, I now offer my services as a carrying consultant in and around Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire, UK,

I have undertaken training through Trageschule UK and Slingababy as a Carrying/Babywearing Consultant and am a member of the British Association of Babywearing Instructors – BABI, and as such I adhere to their code of conduct, attend regular CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and am fully insured.