Weleda Wellbeing

Welcome to my Wellbeing Advisor page for Weleda

Since just before the birth of my first child in 2007, Weleda products have been a constant in our home. Over the years I have used a wide variety of their 100% natural and organic products from the Baby Calendula for my children to Birch detox for myself and it’s fair to say that most who have ever received a birthday or Christmas gift from me have likely received a Weleda item. So when the opportunity to join Weleda as part of the Wellbeing Advisor team presented itself, it seemed crazy to let it pass by.

Where to buy Weleda
If you would like to buy Weleda products for delivery directly to your home address, you can visit my online shop.


Want to try Weleda?
Book with me for a free, no obligation skincare review which includes a complimentary Weleda facial. (approx 50 minutes)


Interested in hosting a Wellbeing Event?

These are relaxed, informal events such as a coffee morning, afternoon tea or an evening soiree with friends, relatives or colleagues to introduce them to natural skincare, body care and healthcare by Weleda.

As your advisor I will assist you with all stages of the event planning and supply you with invitations to send out to your guests. As a thank you from both myself and Weleda you will receive 15% of the total sales* in FREE Weleda products plus a thank you gift.

There’s never any hard sell, there’s no recruitment drives and no obligation.

My role is to demonstrate and advise on the products, if guests wish to purchase they will be able to do so.

To Find Out More Or To Book Me For Your Gathering, contact me via my webshop www.weleda-advisor.co.uk/shop/SarahWoodward

(*total sales of £175 or more across the event, this includes the value of orders placed via your events virtual event link).