Why Choose a Consultation?

Babywearing, like any other skill, may be learned in many ways. 

You may choose to learn by yourself, from an experienced friend in a peer to peer environment or you may prefer to be taught by a person who has undertaken training in teaching others how to use slings safely and effectively.

Whilst choosing a consultation with a carrying professional will deliver faster results, I feel it is only fair to list some alternative options for those who may find themselves unsure of what method of learning might suit them best for example –

  • by following the instructions provided with the sling you have bought, most slings bought from new will come with manufacturer instructions.
  • videos posted online by other babywearers (please bear in mind, for every good video out there, there are at least ten terrible ones!) Take a look at www.slingguide.co.uk or www.slingababy.co.uk for links to some of the better videos available to view online.
  • or, by attending your local sling meet or sling library for peer to peer advice. Often these sessions are run by or attended by a consultant or trained peer supporter. Sling Meet and Library sessions can be busy, with lots of other parents also wanting to try carriers and small children playing and requiring attention. Whilst a meet or library offers a lovely, vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere it is not necessarily geared toward learning and there may be many distractions.

A consultation session, whether it be a one-to-one or a group session is held in a quiet, calm space, set up for the learning of carrying techniques. Before the session you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire, the results of which will be used to tailor the consultation to suit the requirements of you and your baby.


A babywearing professional will not only teach you about the various type of sling and how to use the sling of your choice, but also teach you how to carry safely, to ensure optimum positioning which in turn favours baby’s development and parents comfort.